Robgap - Robots For Inter-generational Gap

The Project “Intergenerational Gap” Robgap is a Learning partnership project supported by the European Commission through the National Agencies within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme. foreseen the involvement of senior people, grandparents and parents from any social groups the involvement of senior people, grandparents and parents from any social groups to be trained and to be technologically advanced to stay with their children, mediating educational contents like maths, science, dynamics, geometry using the robots. The project will contribute to social inclusion / valorization of the competencies , acquisition of new competencies, and active participation of senior people in the educational process, promoting a new role and mediating through this role new learning process of ICT world. The project therefore aims to make grandparents  knowledge technologically advanced to re-qualify their role with nephews and children, teaching them hot to program robots and how to use robots for educational motivation and involvement with children. It also aim to  develop the target group skills and competencies such as communication, ICT literacy, robot programming, maths, science and geometry subjects / topics. The project model could be embedded to ensure long-term sustainability of the self-support and competence development activities. They also will be implemented during the series of structured activities taking place in certain priority and ensuring involvement by each partner organization and targeted group: it will start from the target group investigation (expectations, demands for skills, competencies, topics of interest); deduction of the most appreciated topics, to providing them all the information required for a modern and dynamic contexts like robotics (lego) and educational contents for children

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